Death Valley

On July 10, 1913 the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth was taken in Death Valley at 201’F. That’s hot! This and other average high temperatures are due to the valley’s long narrow basin, sitting 282 feet below sea level which is surrounded by a steep sloping mountain range. The Valley’s size and shape mean … [Read more…]

Mendocino County

Located in Northern California Mendocino County is a little known section of California’s world famous coastline. With fewer crowds, beautiful beaches and quality wineries the area is perfect for a weekend getaway or an even longer escape. Part of its charm is that the area doesn’t seem to attract a huge influx of tourists like … [Read more…]

Oregon Coast

If you’re addicted to travel photography on social media like us you’ve probably seen a lot of epic waterfall pics taken in Oregon USA, this is because the state is home to around 238 falls. That’s a lot of waterfalls! And with all of these beautiful falls around everyone tends to forget the beautiful coastline … [Read more…]

Hiking and Blisters: How to deal

Spring is here everyone and with summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere it’s time to head outside and explore mother nature in the sunshine. And what better way to explore than on foot! Hiking is definitely one of, if not the best, ways of exploring the world around us. However hiking doesn’t … [Read more…]

Winter Gear Maintenance

Let’s face the obvious here… winter gear is bloody expensive, costing hundreds to even thousands of dollars. The reason it’s so expensive though is because an incredible amount of technology and materials goes into the making of these products, in some cases decades of engineering and research has been used to create some pieces. If … [Read more…]

Exploring Morocco

Stepping off the plane in Marrakech at 7pm we were greeted with warm desert air, a stark contrast to the much cooler London we had left behind merely 3 hours prior. We moved quickly through the immigration line without hassle (although security did look quite intently at our camera but decided it was fine and … [Read more…]

Top Five European destinations for 2018

Five must see European cities in 2018 With the European summer starting to get close, I have written an article about the top 5 destinations of Europe for 2018, I haven’t included the main destinations, but rather focused on ones that you have may have overlooked. In no particular order, here are my travel destinations … [Read more…]

10 Packing Essentials

Have you ever been on a trip and shoved as much into your bag as you possibly can to the point where you find yourself praying to the luggage gods to “please, please let it be under my 21kg weight-limit”? A lot of travellers will find themselves in situations where they seem to have a … [Read more…]