Top Five European destinations for 2018

Five must see European cities in 2018

With the European summer starting to get close, I have written an article about the top 5 destinations of Europe for 2018, I haven’t included the main destinations, but rather focused on ones that you have may have overlooked. In no particular order, here are my travel destinations to make you really explore and enjoy in Europe.

1 – Copenhagen, Denmark

With the second oldest amusement park in the world, the free standing state of Christiania, numerous throwbacks to Hans Christian Anderson and a booming coffee culture, this quaintly chilled harbour city has everything for the perfect long weekend. To read more about Copenhagen, click here

2 – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hertzgovinia

This is a city with a varied and sometimes violent history, however don’t let its past deter you. This city is one of the biggest up and coming destinations for travelers from around the world. From its former olympic bobsled course which has fallen into disrepair to its history as the ignition point for the first world war, Sarajevo is a melting pot of culture and history. The city constantly reminds you of its different paths at every turn and quickly leaves you wanting more. To read more about Sarajevo, click here

3 – Tallinn, Estonia

With its old town sitting perched within the confines of medieval fortress walls and the remnants of the cold war scattered outside, this city grasps everything that is old and new and embraces it. A medieval pastry and soup shop underneath the town hall is situated only a few step down the road from a mad scientist themed nightclub serving drinks out of test tubes. You don’t really know what to expect when visiting this city and by the time you leave you’ll be so intrigued by what you’ve found.

4 – Porto, Portugal

Sandy beaches, warm weather and generous amounts of Port wine mean that Porto has everything needed for a traveler to slow down and soak up the wine culture. The city is a mass of winding staircases taking you through different leveled terraces many of which give amazing views of the river below. There are numerous churches and historical sites to visit as well as delicious cafes and you can’t leave until you’ve tried a Francesinha! When you feel a bit parched head over to the port wine cellars and try a taste of the local vintage. Sit back, relax and watch as the city and its people ebb and flow around you.

5 – Athens, Greece

With the beautiful greek islands only a short ferry ride away from Athens this amazing historical centre can often be overlooked by some. But the birthplace of democracy, the olympics and the earliest practice of medicine to name a few deserves to be visited and adored for its historical importance. The Acropolis and Parthenon overlook the city, with the site of the original Olympic games, national gardens and harbour all in view. So grab some ouzo and gyros and walk the streets of this wonderful city.

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